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Known as “Queen Dr. Mommy” and “Pelle Pell” to many - I am a hustla, a strategist, a holistic educator by nature and a mother to my little queen daughter, Isla Rose - my biggest blessing. I believe that without God, I am nothing. I have dedicated my life to being free and balanced in all aspects from my mental wellbeing to my finances.

I want to help others do the same and share this goal with the world - specifically, with the Black and Brown community. I have experienced a lot of trauma in life that I accept and heal - I move forward.


Education has been my outlet in life. I obtained a B.S. in Management from Lincoln University (PA), an M.B.A in International Business from the American College of Dublin (Ireland) and more recently , I've obtained a Doctorate in Education from Cabrini University. Through learning, I have discovered both who I am and an understanding of those around me. I was labeled "first generation" and “low income” but was always rich in my mind because I was open to learn and I continue to do just that.


Experiencing various cultures and the arts through travel and learning has given me a broad outlook on life. I have overcome domestic violence, depression, anxiety and several other obstacles in life but I am a survivor. I believe that we all have a survivor in us. We must acknowledge our trauma, get comfortable seeking support and be conscious about healing day to day.

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