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“To know Chappelle is to love her! Her personality, her faith, and her vibe makes her not only a fantastic mentor and friend but a genuine healer. I was pregnant fighting

a journey to heal from a toxic relationship and she inspired me, motivated me, and empowered me to get through and rise up from all of the hurt and pain I was experiencing. There were days where all I did was cry and pray the pain would disappear. She talked me through every hard stage of grief. She promised me it would get better, she taught me how to remain positive, and explained the power of healing and peace. She told me the truth about myself and reactions. She cried with me on the phone, gave advice, and was a consistent resource. I contemplated suicide,

I was depressed, I was torn and feeling defeated but Chappelle helped me understand that I am a strong Queen and a righteous child of God and I will be blessed if I stay the course and push through. Her story is powerful and she explained so is mine. I am renewed, I am happy, I am anointed, and I am a great mother. I am so thankful

she is in my life. She has a gift to share with the world

and I am so gracious she shared it with me”

- J.H., loving mother

“Thank you Chappelle, we love you! Thank you for always having our best interest and being a great role model to us long lives our beautiful sister, Queen Rose Marie.”

- A.M., student 

College Readiness: Individual or Group

This 8-week mentor program designed specifically for first generation, low income families. This is a hybrid class that meets on Zoom every other week and has assignments the week between each meeting.

Class includes the following:

  • Step-by-step college admission process

  • Financial aid application guidance and assistance in completion and submission

  • Overview of deadlines and terms parents and students need to know

  • College culture competence


Consulting and Professional Development

Utilizing an Anti-Deficit Achievement framework to assess and support all clients.

Consulting & Professional Development opportunities:

  • Restorative Classroom Practices

  • Trauma -Informed Youth Development Programming

  • Diversity & Belonging

  • Goal-Setting

  • Teacher Education

  • Black Male Engagement

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Royal Oats: A Queen's Camp

This Summer camp was  designed for  girls 13-17 , ready to turn trauma into triumph.


During this course you will:

  • Learn effective tools to navigate successfully through your pain and into your purpose

  • Unpack trauma by identifying deeply rooted issues

  • Gain coping mechanisms and learn what makes your soul happy

  • Acknowledge and work with triggers

  • Identify and establish boundaries

  • Set goals using the S.M.A.R.T goals-approach

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